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Jealous Devil Charcoal Review {Buyer’s Guide}

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Did you know that charcoal comes in different forms? Your food will taste different and take a different amount of time to get cooked depending on the quality of the charcoal used. The secret lies in the type of wood the charcoal is initially made from. For example, the brand ‘Jealous Devil’ offers you lump charcoal using South American hardwood — their charcoal manufacturing process uses no additives. 

To begin with, you should know the difference between lump charcoal and briquettes:  

Charcoal Type:Process:

Pure wood chunks are converted to a bit more than carbon pieces by burning them in an oxygen-deficient environment. Lump charcoal burns hotter than briquettes. They’re great for searing meat.
BRIQUETTES (a.k.a Regular Charcoal)A similar process to making lump charcoal. However, sawdust, waste wood, and some additives are clumped into small squares to make briquettes. The additives leave their smell during the cooking process, and they’re used for flavoring chicken, fish, and other lighter foods. Briquettes burn more consistently, yet generate more ashes.

Many grillers prefer lump charcoal over briquettes for its natural, cleaner-burning and the flavors it adds to the food. One of the best lump charcoal products to consider is ‘Jealous Devil Charcoal.’  There are many ways of referring to lump charcoal. These include lump wood charcoal, lump, Charnwood, or natural charcoal. The use of natural charcoal is an incredible method of fueling your grill for getting mouthwatering, flavorful food results.

In this Jealous Devil Charcoal review, we’ll reveal whether this 35lbs supply of all-natural, hardwood lump charcoal is worth the investment. Furthermore, our buyer’s guide and frequently asked questions section, in the end, are geared towards helping you buy the best charcoal for your requirements. 

Jealous Devil Charcoal Review

Jealous Devil All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal - 35LB

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As mentioned earlier, Jealous Devil produces their charcoal with hardwood sourced from South America. Their manufacturing process uses an all-natural carbonization method. As a result, you get no additive charcoal. In addition to that, as laid out below, several other benefits make Jealous Devil Charcoal an excellent choice.

One other benefit is that South American hardwood is denser and burns longer and hotter compared to traditional forms of charcoal. To put things in perspective, South American wood is around 30% denser than hickory or oak wood. This variety of charcoal won’t have an overwhelming effect on lighter foods like fish or chicken. Yet, it will give cuts like brisket a pleasing taste through the mild smoky flavors from the wood.

The denser quality of the charcoal means you’ll be using a lesser quantity per cooking session. Proper storage is therefore important. To fulfill that requirement, the Jealous Devil paper bags are sturdier, yet you may alternatively opt for the vinyl plastic packaged variant that comes at a slightly higher price and is UV-resistant, dustproof, zip-locked, and has a handle on the side of the bag for easier carrying. 

Ever had to deal with charcoal bagged in a flimsy paper bag? That kind of packaging is quite annoying. You end up with the weight of the charcoal ripping through areas of the bag and causing the charcoal to leak out. Moreover, water and moisture don’t help the situation either. When it comes to a high-quality product like this one, you won’t have to worry about those issues. 

The caption mentioned on all their packaging — “pure as heaven hotter than hell” — alongside the use of bold colors and text, is very reassuring. We don’t know many other companies that package their charcoal with such a cool appeal.

The special source of this low ash-producing charcoal is Paraguay’s Quebracho Blanco tree species. The wood is so dense, it burns way longer, and hotter than other woods. The drawbacks of Jealous Devil charcoal are meager in comparison to the advantages. Yet, these include the relatively higher price, bitter smoke emission, and the unique flavor that takes a bit of time to get used to. 

Here’s an overview of all the specifications & features of this product:

Specifications & Features:

  • All-natural charcoal is made of pure South American hardwoods. The charcoal is ultra-dense and includes no chemicals, scrap materials, or fillers. 
  • The high quality of the charcoal is equivalent to professional, restaurant standards. 
  • While it’s burning, you can rest assured there will be no popping or sparking and there will be low ash.
  • Suitable for any type of grill, kamado, or smoker.
  • You get double the cooking power — greater than 7000kcal/g.
  • Extended burn time — 4 hours and more while grilling & 20 hours and more while in a smoker.
  • You get pure flavors that aren’t possible with traditional charcoal or briquettes.
  • Package dimensions 16 x 8 x 28 inches weighing 35lbs to last you a long time.
  • The lumps are XL-sized. This means you get ultra-hot burns and utmost reliability in terms of proper searing as well as lengthier sessions. 

What We Liked

  • Excellent, attractive packaging.
  • The Charcoal is made of hardwood and is ultra-dense.
  • It burns longer and hotter than other varieties.
  • The lumps are extra-large.
  • The all-natural wood is sourced from the sustainable forests of Paraguay.
  • You get pure flavoring in your cooking.
  • There’s low ash, as well as you get no popping or sparking during use.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Rather expensive.
  • The bitter smoke can take a bit of time to get used to.

Critical Analysis – Jealous Devil Charcoal

You will love the Jealous Devil Charcoal lumps for several reasons. First of all, the low ash accumulation, in the end, is great! You won’t have to deal with a big mess to clean up. Secondly, it lights up fast, generating incredible heat that lasts long. Third, the extra-large lumps are sized perfectly. They’re not small, and although they’re termed XL, they’re not oversized either. Finally, you’ll feel good about the packaging. The confident captioning on the colorful bag will assure you of the high product quality and reassurance for why you ended up paying a premium price to meet your charcoal requirements.

On the downside, this product is expensive. Yet, the higher heat and longer burning nature of the denser lumps does mean a lower quantity of charcoal is required per cooking session. Also, you’ll figure the smoke smells unique. It seems quite bitter in the beginning. Yet, once you’re used to it, you’ll accept it as a natural phenomenon as there is no chemical involved in the manufacturing of this charcoal. You can rest assured, the distinct smell will not have any adverse effect on the food and taste. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this selection as it’s 100% pure and quite dense and efficient.

Buyer’s Guide

Jealous Devil Charcoal

Ever wondered what characteristics are associated with the highest quality lump charcoal? As the Jealous Devil charcoal review revealed, the best types of lump charcoal are made of all-natural hardwood, with no chemical elements, binders, and fillers. Furthermore, 100% purity should is assured. 

The size of the lumps is usually mentioned on the package. If in actuality the contents inside differ in size, you’re not dealing with the best brand. It is recommended, the package should have large-sized lumps (for longer burning potential) with not too much dust accumulated at the bottom of the bag.

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Factors To Consider While Purchasing A Bag Of Charcoal:

1. The Charcoal Should Be Sourced From Sustainable Forests

The source of the wood of the charcoal is important. Companies that source their charcoal from sustainable forests are in effect supporting the rainforests and hence the environment. In the Jealous Devil review above, we revealed the all-natural wood is sourced from the sustainable forests of Paraguay.

2. The Heat & Flavor

There are different types of wood. Each provides a unique flavor. The duration a particular type of wood burns and how hot it gets varies among different species of trees the wood is sourced from. The flavor you get from Apple Wood is delicate. Cherry wood gives off a more sweet flavor. Oak Wood is another popular wood source for lump charcoal, and it gives off a strong flavor that is more bitter than that of Hickory wood.

3. Size Of Charcoal

We can’t stress enough that larger pieces of charcoal burn hotter and longer. The amount of dust at the bottom of the bag should be minimal. Too much dust at the bottom is not a good sign. The dust has no use. It causes sparks which can cause the vents in your grill to get blocked. 

Lump Charcoal Vs. Regular Charcoal

The Jealous Devil Charcoal reviewed above was lump charcoal. There is a difference between lump charcoal and traditional charcoal. Knowing this difference is important.

Regular Charcoal (Briquettes)

Regular charcoal is cheaper and doesn’t burn as hot as lump charcoal. It lasts long but burns at a steady temperature. This type of charcoal is traditionally seen used in family gatherings. Leftover wood and sawdust are mixed with additives to manufacture regular charcoal. The additives make lighting the charcoal easier. The additives are also used to give particular flavors to the charcoal. 

Lump Charcoal

Lump charcoal is the recommended variety of charcoal. It gives you the taste and flavors regular charcoal can’t. To make lump charcoal, pure wood chunks are converted to a bit more than carbon pieces through burning them in an oxygen-deficient environment. Lump charcoal burns hotter than regular charcoal. It’s also incredible for searing meat. As compared to regular charcoal, lump charcoal lights up quickly, its temperature can be adjusted, it burns faster, and it’s pricier. 

How To Store Lump Charcoal?

The proper storage methods for lump charcoal are no rocket science. Yet, it’s important to adhere to the methods before grilling or smoking your favorite recipes. Since charcoal is a by-product of leftover wood, it shouldn’t get wet or it won’t light up. It’s as simple as that! Store the charcoal in a space that is free of water, dew, and humidity — “that’s all things moisture!” 

You should ensure to keep the bag sealed after every use. Then store the bag in a well-ventilated area where the temperature is cool and dry. The trick is to keep charcoal away from the moisture of any form. The most common method of storing charcoal is keeping it in a charcoal bin tucked away in a nice, cool basement. If the area is humid, you could use a humidifier to ensure moisture doesn’t get into the charcoal bag or bin. 


1. How Do You Light Lump Charcoal?

To start lump charcoal you can use a chimney starter, starter cubes, or a propane torch. As a precautionary measure, you should keep the kerosene by-product lighter fluid a safe distance away from the charcoal. If the black smoke of the kerosene by-product enters the lump charcoal it could negatively affect the taste of your food. 

2. In How Long Does The Lump Charcoal Heat Up?

As a general rule, to attain high heat, it takes anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. To get to medium heat, it takes the lump 25 to 30 minutes.

3. Is It Advisable To Put Out Charcoal With Water?

Although you can easily put out charcoal with water, it certainly isn’t advisable to do so. The reason for this is the damaging effect the thermal shock may have on your grill. Also, you’re putting yourself at risk of getting burnt by the steam erupting from the hot charcoal. If you need to put out the charcoal fast and water is your best option, then use a long tong and transfer the lumps in a bucket filled with water from a distance. Wear a pair of protective gloves in the process.

4. Can You Let Charcoal Simply Burn Out?

The straightforward answer is, yes! By shutting all the vents of the grill you can then wait for the charcoal to burn out naturally. After a day or two, once the charcoal has cooled down completely, you can clean out the ash. If you have large chunks of charcoal that appear to be reusable, you can seal and store them in cool, dry storage space and take them out for later use.

Final Thoughts

There are different qualities of lump charcoal in the marketplace. The main factor in choosing the best lump charcoal is the type of wood used. In the Jealous Devil Charcoal review, we mentioned how that brand uses superior hardwood sourced from the forests of South America. The wood is so dense that it burns longer and gets hotter. It’s also important that the wood comes from a sustainable forest. Also, size does matter! The larger the lump of charcoal the better it will be a conductor of heat of high temperatures. Furthermore, the bag of charcoal shouldn’t have any or an unreasonable amount of dust in the bottom, nor should it have any other bizarre objects. 

Which lump charcoal you choose depends on your requirements. We recommend the Jealous Devil brand for its high quality. However, if the price is an issue, you may want to try other products until you find your favorite brand. Remember, a high-quality lump, like that found in Jealous Devil Charcoal, will give you the desirable smoky flavor that people want in their food. It burns hotter, faster, and uses less quantity of lump, and in the end, there’s negligible ash for an easy cleanup session. 

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