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How to Make Tender Ribs on the Grill?

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Grilled ribs mean a delicious taste that offers a fun eating experience. Its soft meat loosely attached to the bones tempt you for a bite. And with every juicy bite you think, how can it be so damn delicious? The concern is how to grill ribs to enjoy soft and juicy meat. It is because, after grilling, the flesh tends to become dry. So you need to follow a proper method to prepare tender ribs on the grill.

Not to mention that behind every delicious dish, there lies the experiments and creativity of the cooking experts. They bring new food for us and don’t stop there but continuously improve it. It makes it easier for us to cook at home. And making tender ribs on the grill is the result of such experiments. You can make soft and tasty ribs on your gas or oven grill following some simple steps.

In this article, we have described the simple method of grilling ribs. And we have also shared expert tips to ensure you end up with tender ribs. It will allow you to enjoy homemade grilled ribs without doing any complex cooking tasks. So, follow the article and learn how to grill ribs that are soft and tasty.

How To Grill Ribs To Make it Delicious?

You can grill ribs using an oven grill, charcoal grill, or grill the ribs on a grilling tray for the stove. All of them work fine if you follow the correct method. In all cases, the main concern is slow cooking at low heat. Also, You can cook the ribs in the oven at low heat. And then transfer them to the grill for a finishing touch. Here is how to grill ribs on different mediums.

How To Grill Ribs On The Charcoal Grill?

It is the most traditional way to grill ribs. And it offers the authentic taste of grilled ribs. Start with removing the skin that is followed by preparing the spice mixture. Season the ribs with spices and leave them for some time. Now get ready the covered charcoal grill and place the ribs inside it. Don’t forget to wrap the ribs in aluminum foil. And cook them for 1 hour at medium heat. The most crucial concern here is maintaining the right temperature that should be between 350°F – 400°F.

Now open the covered grill and remove the aluminum foil of the ribs. Apply some barbecue or other type of sauce of your choice to the ribs. And grill them for 10 to 12 minutes. This step provides a saucy and smoky flavor to the grilled ribs that make them more delicious.

How To Grill Ribs On A Gas Stove?

It is not an easy job to grill the ribs on a gas grill. It is because the gas grill is suitable for fast cooking at high temperatures. And for tender grilled ribs, you need to cook them at a low temperature for a long time.

Not to worry, you can use a gas grill and serve tender flavored grilled ribs at the dining table. And for this, you need to follow the specific steps for grilling ribs on the gas grill.

Always remember to cook the ribs in indirect heat. Otherwise, the ribs may burn out from the outside and remain stiff from the inside. So place the ribs on the part of the grill where direct flame doesn’t reach. And if you have a small grill, then turn on only one burner of the gas. So it is also crucial to use a gas grill that has sufficient space apart from the burner.

How to Grill Ribs On An Oven Grill?

The prime advantage of an oven is its temperature control. When you cook the ribs in such a medium, there is less chance of having overcooked or undercooked meat. Grilled ribs indeed have a unique flavor when cooked on charcoal grills. But it provides more convenience in the perfection of cooking. Also, in the oven, you can cook faster than a gas or charcoal grill.

Grilling in an oven includes two steps. First, you pre-cook or bake the ribs. And the second is grilling the tender ribs. It is to ensure that the meat is perfectly cooked and soft enough. So first, you preheat the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and place the ribs tray inside. Cook the ribs for 15 minutes and low the temperature down to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Now cook the ribs for 1 hour until the meat is tender. And then transfer them to the grill and cook for 5 minutes.

How Long You Need To Cook Ribs On The Grill

If you are cooking pork ribs, then the ideal finishing temperature of the perfectly cooked meat is from 190°F to 200°F. At this temperature, the flesh becomes tender and breaks down at a light press. But it is not easy to measure the temperature with a thermometer of the foil-wrapped ribs . So the best way is to measure the cooking time of the ribs. And you will get familiar with the process after the second or third time cooking. One thing to remember here is that the temperature inside the grill box should be from 350°F to 400°F.

In general, it takes 1 hour to get the ribs fully cooked in a charcoal grill. And then 10 minutes of cooking of the unwrapped ribs give it the final texture. This method is also applicable when you grill the ribs in the oven. The step of cooking unwrapped ribs is to ensure that the meat absorbs the smoky flavors.

The time to cook ribs on a gas grill depends on the size of the rack of ribs. For a medium-sized slab, it takes about 3 hours and 2 hours for a small-sized rack. And for a large size rack, the cooking time is about 4 hours.

Tips For Making Tender Ribs On The Grill

  • It is crucial to remove the silver skin before you start preparing for grilling the ribs. For this, a sharp knife will help you. Insert the pointed edge at the backside and pull out the skin. To make your job easy, you can use a paper towel to hold the skin and pull the whole skin out.
  • The advantage of removing the skin is immense. Now the meat will absorb the spices evenly. And the grilled rib will offer a more spicy bite. It will also remove the stiff pieces from the backside along with the skin. And you will get the best meat to prepare tender grilled ribs.
  • Now rub the spice mixture onto both sides of the ribs. It will add flavor to your frilled ribs. And you can enjoy a more spicy taste.
  • After seasoning the ribs, now it’s time to grill them. It provides better results if you cook the ribs in indirect heat. So turn on your gas burner at low heat or oven at low temperature. For the large grills, you can turn on two burners. Otherwise, turn only one burner on so that the grill has a part without direct heat. Then place the ribs on that part of the grill where there is no flame.
  • If you grill the ribs in indirect heat, you can cook them for a long time without getting burned out. And it is the most crucial step for making tender ribs on the grill.
  • If you have a large number of ribs to grill at a time, you can double wrap them in aluminum foils. It will save the ribs from direct heat and avoid fast drying out. It will protect the ribs from direct heat and avoid fast drying out.


Q. How long does it take to grill ribs?

A. It takes about 2 to 4 hours to cook the ribs perfectly.

Q. At What temperature should I grill pork ribs in the oven?

A. You need to preheat the oven at 350°F and then decrease the temperature to 225°F after 15 minutes.

Q. For how long should I leave the ribs after rubbing spices?

A. It is good as long as you can leave it depending on your time. The more time it will get, the meat will absorb more spices. Some people opt to rub the spices two days ahead of cooking.

Q. How do I know that the ribs are fully cooked?

A. The best method is measuring the time according to the thickness of the rib slabs. To be sure about perfect cooking, insert a toothpick into the meat after unwrapping the ribs. If it enters smoothly into the flesh, your cooking is complete.


We all love grilled ribs that are tender and juicy. And for this, we need to follow a specific cooking method. Otherwise, the ribs become stiff and dry. So how to grill ribs in different mediums like gas, oven, and charcoal is a concern. In this article, we have discussed tips to make tender ribs on the grill. So we hope the post will come to your use for making tender grilled ribs at home.

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