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5 Best Cuckoo Rice Cooker to Buy in 2022

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Rice is a staple in many oriental cuisines. It is filling and delicious and goes with a wide range of gravies, soups, and curries. So, a bowl of hot rice with your favorite curry is all you need when you are having a bad day and need your comfort food. Or, you can easily spice things up and make things fancy for a formal dinner.

However, a rice cooker is what you need to cook the perfect rice. It can be tricky to cook rice all by yourself manually as the proportion of water to the rice has to be accurately measured out. Combined with the time to boil the rice, it can be an elaborate and time-consuming process. 

A rice cooker speeds up the process and lets you cook perfect rice every time. However, there are different settings in the rice cooker, and you need to choose according to your needs and the kind of rice preparations you want to make. 

Here are the 5 best Cuckoo Rice Cookers we have shortlisted for you in 2022 so that you can make the perfect bowl of rice for your family every time. 

Cuckoo Rice Cooker Reviews

Here are the top 5 Cuckoo Rice Cookers to help you make soft and fluffy rice. Cuckoo has been a trusted brand among Korean households for over 40 years, and their rice cookers are one of the best in the industry. All the products are highly rated by the users, but you can still consult a culinary expert to help you make the final choice. 

Cuckoo CRP-P1009SW Pressure Cooker and Warmer• Safe Steam Release for optimum safety
• X-Wall inner pot with premium diamond coating
• Efficient & Smart
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CUCKOO CRP-RT0609FB Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer• Keep-Warm mode
• SMART technology to identify different kinds of rice
• Multi-Functional
Check Price
CUCKOO CRP-P0609S Pressure Rice Cooker• Preset timer
• Scratch-resistant, diamond coated inner pot
• Premium Quality
Check Price
The CUCKOO CR-0632F Micom Rice Cooker• Excess water drainage tray
• Non-stick inner pot
• Trusted Brand
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CUCKOO CR-0655F Micom Rice Cooker• Nonstick easy to clean inner pot
• Auto clean function for easy cleaning
• Smart Micom Rice Cooker
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#1. Cuckoo CRP-P1009SW 10 Cup Electric Heating Pressure Cooker and Warmer

Cuckoo CRP-P1009SW 10 Cup Electric Heating Pressure Cooker & Warmer – 12 Built-in Programs, Glutinous (White), Mixed, Brown, GABA Rice, [1.8 liters] Check Latest Price on Amazon

The Cuckoo CRP-P1009SW 10 Cup Electric Heating Pressure Cooker and Warmer has the capacity to hold 10 cups of uncooked rice, helping you make a large batch of rice at once. The total capacity is 5.3 Quarts. The electric cooker not only lets you cook the rice to perfection but also helps you warm it up later. It is made of white stainless steel and is quite sleek and stylish to look at, making it a welcome addition to your kitchen counter. 

The rice cooker gives you an option of 12 menus, which are displayed on the LED panel. You can cook several variations of rice like GABA or brown rice, plain white rice, nu rung Ji, porridge, and steamed rice. You can take what you need at a time and heat up the remaining rice later. 

There are several options to make your work in the kitchen easier. The rice cooker has an easy interface with simple touch controls. It has a preset timer to plan your meals in advance, as well as an auto-clean function that reduces your cleaning time. 

As it is equipped with Fuzzy Logic technology, the rice cooker can gauge the nature and consistency of rice. It can adjust its temperature and pressure to give you perfect rice. In addition, the Safe Steam Release feature adjusts the pressure inside the cooker. 

For complete safety, the rice cooker is equipped with an overheating alarm that will warn you if the cooker’s internal or external temperatures exceed the normal threshold. This makes for safe and convenient cooking. 

The rice cooker’s inner pot is made from stainless steel with X-Wall that comes with a premium diamond coating. It helps in equal and consistent heat distribution throughout the pot and is also scratch-resistant. However, it is also light and easy to clean. 


  • Fuzzy Logic Technology for perfect rice.
  • 12 menu options.
  • Can hold 10 cups of rice.


  • It can be a little heavy. 
Check Latest Price on Amazon

#2. CUCKOO CRP-RT0609FB | 6-Cup (Uncooked) Twin Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer

CUCKOO CRP-RT0609FW 6-Cup (Uncooked) / 12-Cup (Cooked) Twin Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer with Nonstick Inner Pot, 14 Menu Options, Safe Steam Release, 3 Voice Guide, Auto Clean (White) Check Latest Price on Amazon

The CUCKOO CRP-RT0609FB Twin Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer can hold 6 cups of uncooked rice. It has a beautiful white body and comes with a pressure heating plate. The cooker gives the amazing option to choose between pressure cooking and non-pressure cooking as the results are somewhat different. 

High-pressure cooking is more apt for cooking sticky rice, while non-pressure cooking results in light and fluffy rice. The cooker has an LED panel that can display 12 menu options. You can cook scorched rice, GABA rice or brown rice, plain white rice, porridge, and more. 

You can use the reheat option to heat any leftover rice. The rice cooker comes with an integrated SMART technology that can identify the type of rice that has gone into the cooker and adjust its heat accordingly. This eliminates any guesswork on your part as different varieties of rice need different temperatures and cooking time. The rice cooker adjusts the settings accordingly. 

The best thing about the cooker is that it has a keep-warm mode where the rice stays at an optimal temperature without burning or overcooking it. The cooker contains a stainless steel inner pot that comes with an X-Wall non-stick diamond coating. This helps in the even distribution of heat throughout the pot and makes it easy to clean.


  • X-Wall non-stick, diamond coating.
  • 12 menu option.
  • Sleek LED screen.
  • Prevents burning or overcooking.


  • It can be a little expensive.
Check Latest Price on Amazon

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#3. CUCKOO CRP-P0609S | 6-Cup (Uncooked) Pressure Rice Cooker

CUCKOO CRP-P0609S | 6-Cup (Uncooked) Pressure Rice Cooker | 12 Menu Options: Quinoa, Nu Rung Ji, GABA/Brown Rice & More, Made in Korea | Black/Copper Check Latest Price on Amazon

The CUCKOO CRP-P0609S Pressure Rice Cooker comes with 12 menu options. It is perfect for cooking a wide range of rice preparations, as well as Nu Rung Ji and even quinoa. The rice cooker can hold 6 cups of uncooked rice. It comes with an amazing stainless steel body. 

The rice cooker has a sleek and stylish LED panel that displays 12 kinds of rice menus. The cooker is suitable for cooking brown rice, GABA rice, steamed rice, porridge, quinoa, nu rung Ji and more. 

The rice cooker also comes with a reheat function to help you warm up your rice later without turning it too soft or burning it. The rice cooker also comes with the latest Fuzzy technology designed to make rice soft and fluffy by understanding the nature of the rice grains and setting the temperature and pressure accordingly. 

You also have a preset timer to cook at a later time. The cooker has an auto-clean function that helps in easy cleaning. Also, it contains simple touch controls for easy operation. The rice cooker has some very good safety measures in place. The in-built alarm notifies you if the rice cooker overheats and the internal or external temperature exceeds the mark. 

The rice cooker also has a stainless steel inner pot that comes with a premium non-stick diamond coating. This makes the pot scratch-resistant and also makes it very durable. In addition, the pot is easy to clean and helps in even heat distribution. 


  • 12 menu option.
  • Auto clean technology.
  • Fuzzy technology for perfect rice every time.


  • It can be a little less adequate for large meals.
Check Latest Price on Amazon

#4. The CUCKOO CR-0632F | 6-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker

CUCKOO CR-0632F | 6-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker | 9 Menu Options: White Rice, Brown Rice & More, Nonstick Inner Pot, Made in Korea | White/Grey Check Latest Price on Amazon

The CUCKOO CR-0632F Micom Rice Cooker comes with 9 menu options. It comes with a white or grey body and is very sleek and stylish to look at. The rice cooker uses a voltage of 120 volts. It is perfect for cooking a wide range of rice preparations like porridge, multigrain and brown rice. 

It is also great for cooking healthy meals like oatmeal. The multi-cook function helps you cook a wide range of rice preparations with ease. The rice cooker can cook up to 12 cups of cooked rice, and it is excellent for everyday home use and small get-togethers. The rice cooker has user-friendly digital controls. 

An LCD screen displays the amounts and measurements to make perfectly cooked rice every time. The Fuzzy Logic technology detects the pressure and temperature needed to cook each type of rice and gives you soft and perfect rice every time. The rice cooker has a non-stick inner pot that comes with a detachable inner lid. 

It is great for removing and cleaning the pot. There is also an excess water drainage tray, so you do not have to manually get rice water out. The rice cooker is sturdy and light and is highly durable. 


  • Fuzzy Logic technology for perfect fluffy or sticky rice.
  • Detachable lid for easy cleaning. 
  • LCD screen displays measurements. 


  • It can be a little heavy for beginners.
Check Latest Price on Amazon

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#5. CUCKOO CR-0655F | 6-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker

CUCKOO CR-0655F | 6-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker | 12 Menu Options: White Rice, Brown Rice & More, Nonstick Inner Pot, Designed in Korea | Red/White Check Latest Price on Amazon

The CUCKOO CR-0655F Micom Rice Cooker has 12 menu options. It is excellent for cooking white rice, brown rice, and several other preparations. You can cook both sticky and fluffy rice with it. And the best thing, the cooker comes with a small screen with all the necessary instructions displayed on the front part. You can cook a wide range of preparations, leave the leftover rice inside the pot, and reheat and eat later. 

The rice cooker comes in a splendid red and white body. It has a total capacity of 1.08 liters and dimensions of 9.4x 8.6x 13 inches. The rice cooker has a smart cooking algorithm that detects the time and temperature to cook each kind of rice. You can get up to 16 unique rice flavors and texture options. 

It comes with a removable inner pot. The non-stick pot is easy to clean and has a detachable inner lid for easy cleaning. It has an auto-clean function, and it also has an excess water drainage dish. The rice cooker is designed to make the rice cooking easy, and you do not have to do any guesswork for the perfect rice.


  • Excess water drainage dish. 
  • Can cook up to 16 unique flavors.
  • 12 menu options. 


  • It can be a little expensive.
Check Latest Price on Amazon

Factors to Consider while Choosing the Best Rice Cooker 

While there are several rice cookers to choose from, you should still look into the nuances of the rice cooker before making your purchase. Not all rice cookers are the same, and you might need to have a closer look to understand your needs. Here are some factors you may consider.

1. Different Types of Rice

It would be best if you chose a rice cooker that can make different types of rice. There is so much more than plain white rice. If you want to cook brown rice or GABA rice, along with a variety of porridges, multigrain, or quinoa, then choose a rice cooker accordingly. It will give you lots of options, and you can make a wide variety of rice with ease. A 9 or 12 menu option rice cooker is the best. 

2. Safety Measures

Try to choose a rice cooker that gives you complete safety while cooking. Ordinary rice cookers might get overheated while cooking, and it could lead to accidents. However, a rice cooker with SMART technology will adjust the settings accordingly. It will decide on the time and temperature needed to cook the rice perfectly. In addition, it would be ideal if it had an in-built alarm that notifies you when the cooker is overheated. It also has an automated steam release system to let off the heat. This will make your work in the kitchen so much easier. 

3. Measurements

The most difficult thing about cooking the perfect rice is to figure out how much water and rice to measure out. Different types of rice grains need different measurements, and any mistake there often leads to undercooked or overcooked rice. So, to tackle this problem, your rice cooker should ideally have an LCD screen to show you the measurements. Opt for a rice cooker that has the measurements display to help cook rice with ease. 

4. Easy to Clean

Cleaning a pot after cooking rice in it can be a cumbersome task. The starch that the rice gives off can stick to the surface of an ordinary pot that involves a lot of scrubbing to clean. Get a rice cooker with a non-stick inner pot. It would also be great if you had a tray to collect the excess water. If the rice cooker comes with an auto-clean technology, then it would reduce a lot of work in the kitchen when you have to clean up. 

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How to Use Rice Cookers Properly? 

To get the most out of any appliance, you need to know to use it properly. This will yield the best results and increase the longevity of the appliance. So, here is how you should use a rice cooker properly. 

  1. Step

    Unpack the box of rice cooker when it arrives and read the instruction manual.

  2. Step

    Plugin your rice cooker, and make sure you have a compatible power outlet.

  3. Step

    Follow the instructions in the manual. In most cases, the instruction manual will say to wash the rice, multigrain or quinoa, or anything else you want to cook. This makes the grains softer and also washes off impurities. It makes for cleaner and softer rice. 

  4. Step

    Wait for the LCD screen to come to life. Then, follow the measurements in the LCD screen and put the rice in the cooker. This will eliminate any guesswork, and you will get the perfect rice. 

  5. Step

    Switch on the rice cooker. You will hear a beep when the rice is done. Take what you need at the moment. You can leave the leftovers in the rice cooker and again use the ‘Reheat’ option to warm up the rice for later use. 


A bowl of hot rice is one of the staple items if you want a filling and well-balanced diet. The rice cooker will make your job easier as you cook a wide range of rice dishes with them. Whether you want to cook an Indian meal, an Indonesian dish, or a Malaysian or Korean delicacy, the chances are that you will always need a bowl of rice as one of the elements. 

The rice cooker is also an excellent way to cook rice if you have to prepare your meals in a hurry or are not good with manual cooking. The latest rice cookers also come with auto-clean technology. So it will surely help you make a light job of your work in the kitchen, all the while helping you prepare nutritious meals for your family. So choose your rice cooker with care, and it will surely make your job in the kitchen so much easier.

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