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Best Cheese For Grilled Cheese [ #Foddie’s Choice]

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They say it is high in calories, has high-fat content, and is short on nutrition. But practically, its impact on your health depends on the type of cheese used in the sandwich. And this is why we are here discussing the best cheese for grilled cheese. Grilled cheese is a hot sandwich that contains one or more kinds of cheese. So it is crucial to know about different types of cheese. And their properties before you choose the best kind for your grilled cheese or cheese sandwich.

The most delicious grilled cheese always starts with the best cheese stuffed inside the piece of firm bread. When your taste bud feels that melting punch, it seems like all the heavenly comforts concentrate in that one bite. Clubbed with some hot sauce, it makes for a perfect and quick meal anytime. Not only this, grilled cheese is an easy recipe dish that only demands the finest cheese suitable for it. So it is time to discuss what is the best cheese for grilled cheese.

It is crucial to know how to select the best cheese for your recipe. So we have also prepared a list of the best cheeses for grilled cheese. So keep reading the post and prepare for a cheesy dinner with your family.

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Types Of Cheese

Types Of Cheese

Cheese is a favorite food ingredient in the US. And its popularity shows that the consumption of cheese tripled in the last 50 years. It is the most delicious ingredient in sandwiches. And cheese sandwiches or grilled cheese is the most preferred food for a quick meal. Also, you can enjoy cheese as a snack time delight.

You can avail many health benefits from cheese as it is rich in calcium, protein, and vitamin B12, etc. But its healthfulness depends on the type of cheese you use in your recipe. And also the amount of cheese you consume. Also, those who have a lactose allergy or are on a weight-loss diet should not consume grilled cheese.

But there are varieties of cheese with different flavors. And some are low in fat, while some have high-fat content. So it would be right if you choose the suitable cheese for a particular recipe. And also, according to the demand of your health. So here is the list of different types of cheese for your reference.

#1. Whole-Milk cheese

One ounce of whole-milk cheese that is 28 gm contains 6 to 10 gms of fat. And its saturated fat content amounts from 4 gm to 6 gm.

#2. Low-Fat Cheese

Reduced-fat cheese contains only 2 percent of milk, while non-fat cheese contains skimmed or zero percent milk.

#3. Fresh Cheese

These are fresh and new cheeses that have not attained maturity. You can use them in the preparation of sweet dishes that require new cheese. Fresh cheese contains higher levels of moisture and is softer in comparison to old packaged cheese. Examples of fresh cheeses are cream cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta, and mascarpone.

#4. Matured or Old Cheese

These types of cheeses go through an aging process. And their expiry period is six months or more. Besides, they have a firm texture and intense flavor. Examples of aged or matured cheeses are Swiss cheese, Cheddar, Parmesan, and Gruyere.

#5. Processed Cheese

These products do not fall in the category of cheese. These are cheese products, and it is to mention in the label. The highly processed products have a long shelf life. And they contain many ingredients apart from cheese. Examples of such products are American cheese, cheese spread, and other cheese-flavored products.

#6. Non-Dairy Cheeses

Examples of non-dairy cheeses are Daiya and soy cheese. These are suitable for those who have an allergy to dairy products.

Best Cheese For Grilled Cheese

Best Cheese For Grilled Cheese.

The varieties in cheese and its manufacturers have grown in the US in the last few decades. With this popularity of cheese, many cheese-based foods have come into our diet. And the best among them is grilled cheese. So here is the list of the best cheese for grilled cheese.

Aged Cheddar-Gruyere (Beecher’s Flagship)

This flavored cheese has become the flagship ingredient in the famous grilled cheese sandwich of Beecher. Its long-age processing provides the cheese with a nutty flavor. And its sweetish taste offers a delicious feeling when the cheese perfectly melts into the bread. This cheese alone makes your sandwich delicious. But you can also combine Aged Cheddar-Gruyere with a bit of Jack cheese for a unique rich taste. So if you like to make a smooth, creamy sandwich with a sharp flavor, Aged Cheddar-Gruyere cheese is the best choice.


This famous cheese originated in eastern France and got its name from the region Franche-Comte. Renowned for its distinct flavor, this cheese type has a semi-firm texture. And manufacturers use unpasteurized cow milk to prepare this cheese. You may have seen the melted Comte at the top of French onion soup that makes the soup a hearty delight. For the same reason, we like to pair caramelized onions with the Comte cheese to make delicious grilled cheese.

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Monterey or Sonoma Jack

This mild cow milk cheese offers a unique flavor and texture when mixed with other cheese with a strong flavor. You can sprinkle a bit of grated blue cheese or Parmesan over melting Jack in your grilled cheese. And it will offer a delicious bite of melted cheese with a tempting flavor. So we consider Monterey or Sonoma Jack as the best cheese for grilled cheese.

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Gruyere and Emmental

These two types of cheeses are similar in their properties. Both have a firm texture, and you can use them as grated cheese in your sandwich. You can sprinkle grated Gruyere or Emmental over other soft-textured melted cheese. Else, you can use them alone and cook for longer to facilitate melting. Gruyere and Emmental cheeses are ideal for traditional recipes. And you can prepare delicious grilled cheese with these cheeses. Moreover, if you like a strong flavor in your sandwich, Gruyere or Emmental cheese is the best choice.

Seasoned White Cheddar (Marco Polo)

It is another popular product from Beecher. This aged cheddar goes through seasoning with green and black peppercorns. It provides the cheese with a peppery flavor that goes best with roasted turkey or chicken. However, you can make some great grilled cheese with this White Cheddar. And if you like a spicy flavor in your sandwich, Marco Polo is the best choice.

Mont D’Or (Winnimere from Jasper Hill, Vermont)

The cheese maker’s home Vermont in Jasper Hill, delivers varieties of cheese. And Mont D’Or (Winnimere) is the most famous production in the region. The handmade cheese made from raw cow milk is renowned for dipping the bread. So people warm the cheese in the oven to make it melt. And the cheese is also ideal for sandwiches. The French and US versions of Mont D’Or and Winnimere are seasonal during fall and winter.


This cheese is available in three versions, US, French, and German. While the US version has a mild flavor, the French and German versions have a strong flavor. It is because the cheeses imported from France and Germany go through lengthy age processing. And thus, it gains an intense or earthy flavor. So you can select the cheese according to your choice of flavor. However, the texture of the three versions of cheese is the same. And you will get a smooth melted cheese that goes well with smoked bacon and sauteed onions or apples.


It is among the best and famous cheeses for grilled cheese. Also, gouda is the oldest cheese in the world. It is available in both new and aged types. Also, it is available in varieties of flavors like smoked gouda, cumin gouda, and goat milk gouda. While the Aged gouda has a firm texture and takes longer to melt, the new type melts fast. However, the best cheese for grilled cheese is Marieke Gouda, the most popular cheese type in the US.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese has a piquant taste when served alone. But you can melt it with another ingredient to experience a mild delicious flavor. For example, you can try fresh or dried peaches or figs along with melted Blue cheese in your sandwich. And trust me, you are going to experience a divine taste. You can also combine creamy blue cheese and a little Jack if you prefer a mild flavor. And you can use this combination in your sandwich with nutty bread for excellent preparation.


Grilled cheese or cheese sandwich is a popular food for a quick meal. Also, the fantastic taste of the melting cheese between the slices of bread offers a delightful meal. And you can select your preferred flavors according to your preference. Besides, it is a quick preparation if you have the perfect type of cheese at your home. So in this article, we have included the list of the best cheese for grilled cheese. Hopefully, it will come to your help to select the best cheese according to your need.


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